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The following is a listing of pages that are important for both out of character and in character information, including areas and NPCs, as well as different house rules within the game. The In Character section is assumed information – some characters may not know about it, some may. Information specifically stated as Out of Character is meant to be rules-oriented, and generally unknown by the characters.

In Character Information

  • Portland – The city of Portland after the end of the world.
  • Tribes and Clans – The collected groups of survivors within Portland.
  • Mutants – The strangely gifted (and sometimes cursed) mutants that live among the so-called “normal” humans.
  • Antagonists – A list of general antagonists of the Player Characters.
  • Allies – A list of allies to the Player Characters.
  • Factions – Outside of the tribes and clans of Portland, there are several factions that have found their way to the region.

Out of Character Information

  • House Rules – Information on house rules for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten system.
  • Etc.

Main Page

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